BioCam 3D

The Biocam 3D is an advanced biomass camera designed to provide an accurate, real time biomass readings of your fish. Using 
components tailored to your particular site, such as harsh environment fixed IP68 computer, handheld rugged PC and integrated wifi or radio transmission, Ace Aquatec can offer fish farmers one of the most comprehensive and effective fish weight management systems on the market. The system can be employed in a range of applications including on all fixed salmon cages as well as on bass and bream farms. The biocam 3D camera joins the catalogue of trusted Ace Aquatec products used by many of the largest fish farming companies in Scotland and across the globe. Quotations are calculated depending on the number of fixed or movable systems required on each cage and whether access to our online portal is required. Full videospresentations and manuals are available to view online. By consistently providing accurate data of your fish Ace Aquatec’s biocam quickly pays for itself by informing feeding regimes and harvest weights, alerting managers to lice or disease, and by generally providing access to data about the health of your fish.