Humane Slaughter

Ace Aquatec has always striven to develop the most humane electric stunner on the market with the best quality results. Ace Aquatec's designers received the HSA's award for advances in stunning technology in 2011. Ace Aquatec was selected for a SMART R&D award in 2011 and HIE funding in 2013 to develop a system which could stun a range of species with just one machine and improve quality. By creating a series of stun parameters tailored to your particular processing conditions we strive to improve quality issues over your traditional methods. All stunners made by Ace Aquatec meet the EU requirements to render fish unconscious within one second. An increase in quality is possible due to the reduction in stress by stunning early on in the transportation process and by keeping the fish in their natural element - water. Other electric stunners remove the fish from water increasing stress and the chances of carcass damage. Our mission is to avoid the unnecessary suffering of fish during slaughter and we have the support of many of the UK’s largest supermarkets and welfare groups in striving to achieve this. If you would like any further information please see our documents page or contact form.  

Ace Aquatec strives to be a leader in the innovation of responsible technological solutions to problems in fish farming. Our systems have been developed in extensive dialogue with environmental bodies and government organizations to create a humane slaughter solution for fish farms.