Environmentally Responsible

Ace Aquatec has always striven to develop the most effective mitigation equipment for reducing the negative impacts of human activity on wildlife. JNCC recommends prior to underwater explosions that “ADDs [MMD] should be positioned in the water in close proximity to the explosive source installed...ADDs should be switched on throughout the pre-detonation search and turned off immediately after the detonations have been completed".

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On pile driving, section 2.6. "ADDs [Acoustic Deterrent Devices/Marine Mammal Mitigation Devices] have the potential to reduce the risk of causing injury to marine mammals and are relatively cost effective...It is also considered that the use of these devices should not be seen to constitute intentional disturbance under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (WCA, within 12nm) given that its aim is to protect the animals from being injured by the loud noise at close distances from the source". For full guidelines visit: 


In addition to creating a blanket expulsion zone, sonar triggers can be used to detect the approach of marine mammals thereby reducing the amount of unnecessary noise pollution on those applications where approaching wildlife needs to be redirected.  

Ace Aquatec strives to be a leader in the innovation of responsible technological solutions to conflicts between man-made ocean noise and the natural habitats of marine mammals. Our systems have been developed in extensive dialogue with environmental bodies and government organizations to create the best solution for industry and wildlife.