Standard 10-20khz 195dB


10-30khz Omni-directional 201dB


1-4khz flood ring 194dB



• Loudest noisemaker on the market at 195dB re 1uPa @1m rms - 204dB re 1uPa @1m rms (peak to peak output can be misleading, however this figure is 204dB-213dB)

• Additional transducers available on request, including spherical sonar head, low, medium and high frequency. Volume levels available up to 204dB re 1uPa @1m rms 

• 1, 2, 4 or 6 tones can be played simultaneously, allowing for a wide range of simultaneous sounds to keep the sound novel and irritating to marine mammals

• Manual or automatic control over tonal patterns, duration and volume increases

• All transducers tested in water at Neptune Sonar’s facility before shipping

• Exclusion zones vary depending on the transducer attached, but can be up to 6000m for different species (see papers in documents section of website)

• All systems compatible with Tritech's multibeam sonar to target incoming marine mammals and trigger noise

• Radio transmitter can be attached for remote operation and data logging by user

• Full fault warning communication with central laptop

• Deep deployment available


Overview: The standard MMD transducer offers a high volume, randomized dual or single tone sound pattern that is highly effective at pushing marine mammals out of an exclusion zone to protect them from danger. Can be used as a continuous or triggered noisemaker. The full spectrum of Neptune Sonar's transducer range can be applied to the MMD to provide specific frequency exclusion for species ranging from whales to cetaceans and pinipeds.