Product Intro

Real 3D data in real-time

Our BioCam 3D is the world’s first underwater Time-of-Flight camera that captures genuine 3D data to provide precise biomass readings. There are no calculations or manual interventions required; it gives you real data, in real-time.


Real 3D depth measurement

Our innovative Time-of-Flight camera captures real 3D images, which means we know exactly how far away each fish is from the camera.  Hundreds of images are captured every second to quickly create a comprehensive data set.

Easy to use

The camera does all the hard work

We designed the BioCam 3D to be extremely low effort to use. The real 3D imaging capabilities mean there is no need to manually review and match images. You just install the camera, turn it on, then review the results.

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    Real 3D depth measurement

    Our unique time-of-flight imaging technology captures real 3D images of your fish. We know exactly how far away each fish is from the camera and capture hundreds of images every second to provide thousands of high quality images.

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