Option 1: Free Standing:

 • All weather, powder coated  aluminum stand
 • Lightweight, easy to move between cages or to different sites
 • Molded junction boxes for extra protection from water ingress

Option 2: Cage Mounted

 • Top box and batteries housed together in an IP68 plastic box
 • Cage mounted box removes obstructions from the walkway
 • Additional battery charger installed for sites with limited generator AC
 • Added weather protection for top box abling and connectors
 • Heavy duty stainless steel mounting bracket for strength and security



The harsh environment and cage mounted shells are designed to provide maximum protection for the top box and cabling, while maintaining easy accessibility to controls and data. For farms wishing to regularly rotate the scrammers to different cages or sites we recommend the harsh environment shell. For particularly exposed sites with limited mains power we recommend the cage mounted units.