• Touchpad operation with backlit display
 • Warning beacon to attract attention when batteries are low
 • Warning light to alert user to faults
 • IP68 case fully submersible enclosure
 • Connections for 2x 12volt batteries, with automated recharging
 • Connection for Universal mains AC (90-260volt)
 • Fourth universal port for addons including electric netting, radio transmitters, and sonar triggers.
 • Full data logging up to one year of trigger statistics
 • Full data logging of faults and operational history. 


The unique algorithm in the US3 top box randomizes the sound production to reduce the chances of seals habituating and increase the effectiveness of the deterring noise. A robust and user friendly design allows intuitive set up and operation. Scramming can be set to continuous or triggered. Continuous sound creates an exclusion zone using rates between 0-144 scrams per hour, proportionate to the severity of predation. Additional trigger installations allow the system to sit silent and only respond to the presence of a predating seal.  Cetacean friendly low frequency or triggered options are available. Additional electric nets can be installed to further deter determined or deaf seals.