What it is and how it works

The A-BIOMASS® underwater camera helps farms more effectively monitor fish welfare, prevent mortalities, and provide transparency and traceability over the fish lifecycle and supply chain. 

The system contains two stereoscopic cameras calibrated to take images synchronously. Through machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) identifies fish and critical points, such as tail and fins, to measure fish height, weight, and length accurately. A-BIOMASS® tracks multiple fish simultaneously, day or night, collecting significant amounts of data in a short period.

With fast internet capabilities, the surface box quickly transmits data to our portal. You can check information for multiple pens and sites, helping you to optimise your production.

Key features

With the A-BIOMASS® your farm can plan grading activities with accurate weight and distribution data to ensure all fish achieve the desired weight class.


Intelligent automatic reporting


Adapts to underwater lighting conditions


High resolution & high frame rate support


Full Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity


Welfare benefits

  • Protect your fish stocks with reliable data
  • Ensure sustainable and accurate harvest weights for a range of fish species
  • See indications of disease and lice infestation early
  • Minimise manual handing and exposure to anaesthetic

Sustainability factors

  • Get accurate data to help you make informed decisions about your fish stocks
  • Real time viewing and image processing improves fish husbandry and maximizes harvest potential 
  • Knowing the precise weight of fish can help allocate the right amount of feed, prevent waste and improve feed conversion efficiency 
Dr. Andre Van, Fish Health Scientist, Kames

“Many trout fail to adapt to transfer to sea, which leads to poor welfare. Understanding the anticipated weights and full distribution of fish in the cage using a biomass camera should allow earlier detection of problems and reduce handling during manual sampling.”

Dr. Andre Van, Fish Health Scientist, Kames

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