The Ace Aquatec journey

Our story

Aquaculture industry issues and challenges

Ace Aquatec was founded to solve problems in aquaculture through technological innovation


Stress at point of harvest

The most common slaughter methods - percussive and dry stunning, and ice slurry - cause fish unnecessary pain and suffering. Our award-winning in-water electric stunner is the only system that guarantees humane harvesting. 


Overfeeding and sewage

Fish farms threaten the sustainability of local ecosystems due to overfeeding and sewage from high concentrations of fish in open cages in narrow waters. Our biomass cameras detect and quantify fish biomass automatically.



Sea lice infections severely impact the commercial sale of fish as infected fish can’t be sold due to the lesions the parasites cause. Current technologies use hot baths, chemicals, or high-pressure jets that severely impact fish welfare. Our humane, low-stress system removes sea lice and eggs using only water. 



Though advancements in aquacultural technology have made fish escapes less common, they can still occur, often with financial and environmental disastrous results. Our protection systems keep fish safe without harming marine mammals.


Limited data & traceability

Mortality rates on salmon farms are high, driven by parasites, disease, pollution & escapes. Two-thirds of all salmon mortalities are unexplained. Our biomass camera and portal give farmers intelligent insight.


Climate change

The fishing industry is affected by warmer water temperatures, higher water levels, and more natural disasters. We are focused on creating non-chemical, low-emission solutions that improve efficiencies across the supply chain.  



The global demand for fish is expected to grow by 50% by 2050. Aquaculture can help meet this demand responsibly by farming only the number of fish needed and replenishing the wild fish population. Our intelligent portal fosters responsible aquaculture.

The global aquaculture market

Today, fish provides 17% of the world's protein. The world population is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, increasing to 9.7 billion by 2050. The demand for fish through aquaculture is projected to increase to 114m tonnes by 2030 requiring an additional 32m tonnes of fish. 

To achieve this growth level, we must be careful about how we use our resources. Poor marine practice is a major challenge. Currently, only 7% of the seafood produced worldwide comes from sustainable sources. Sustainable production methods, traceability, and animal welfare are important factors in consumers’ purchasing decisions. 

Ace Aquatec is a crucial technological link in a chain of improvement that can help make aquaculture more sustainable.


Our intelligent farming solutions

Ace Aquatec’s Internet of Things-enabled (IOT) precision products help seafood producers, field service partners, and offshore construction providers enhance fish welfare and optimise value.

Farming Solution Farming Solution
Offshore marine protection
Offshore marine protection

Acoustic deterrents that keep wildlife away from offshore construction sites

Field service

High welfare sea lice treatment

Farm and culture systems

Biomass estimation, real-time monitoring and protection solutions

Harvesting and processing
Harvesting and processing

Humane fish-stunning solutions

Market education
Market education

Leading the way in sustainable aquaculture practices

From our CEO, Nathan Pyne-Carter

“Ace Aquatec has always strived to be a creative technology partner – using the latest and best tools to solve some of the oldest problems in farming. We continue to innovate to ensure our customers achieve the highest standards of animal welfare and best operational efficiency.”

From our CEO, Nathan Pyne-Carter