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Ace Aquatec provides core technologies that monitor fish health and well-being from the grow out right through to harvest. Accurate data is the lifeblood of any aquaculture business. Decisions on feed timings, disease mitigation strategies, harvest schedules, and fish breed choices without accurate data lead to poor outcomes that compromise product quality, fish welfare and profits for farmers. 

Biomass cameras play a crucial role in data gathering and provide an accurate understanding of average fish weights in a pen, as well as an accurate understanding of fish weight distribution which is critical to decisions around grading. Image processing in real-time allows for accurate timings around when to grade or harvest fish; it can prevent feed wastage by optimising weight classes in a pen, and can even be an early indicator of disease and sea lice levels. 

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Biomass Camera

The Ace Aquatec Biomass camera (A-BIOMASS®) is an advanced underwater camera designed to detect and quantify fish biomass automatically. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to produce accurate, real-time data on a range of fish species populations and distributions. The A-BIOMASS® is changing the way of managing aquaculture.

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