What it is and how it works

Our experience developing electric stunning systems helped us create a sea lice removal system that maintains high welfare standards. 

Fish are gently drawn out of the cage by water added to a tube explicitly designed for this purpose, taking advantage of the Venturi effect. In the A-Electrolicer, the fish gently flow through an in-water low voltage field, which relaxes the fish and loosens any lice or eggs. The fish then go through waterjets, optional aeration bubbles, and a final hot/cold water shower before returning to the cage. Lice and eggs are filtered and destroyed.

Key features

We designed the A-Electrolicer with fish welfare and long-term effectiveness as our top priorities.


Humane and low stress


Low pressure pump with no propellers or vacuums


Guaranteed safe passage and lice removal


Easy to deploy modular system

Welfare benefits

  • Low voltage electric fields relax the fish's muscles and guarantee transit time, safe passage, and lice removal. 
  • Unique low-pressure pump gently transports the fish through the system. 
  • Reduces risk or mortality with controlled immersion times
  • Protects fish welfare by avoiding contact with mechanical parts.

Sustainability factors

  • The modular design makes it easier to deploy and more affordable than other solutions. 
  • Can be installed onto existing small vessels with low fuel consumption, reducing its carbon footprint.
MOWI Handbook 2021

Managing sealice costs on average €1.15B/year to the industry or 9% of fish farm revenues.

MOWI Handbook 2021

Our predator control solutions

At Ace Aquatec, we are committed to humane, welfare-first aquaculture practices. We designed our predator control solutions to protect farmed fish effectively without harming seals, sea lions, or other non-target animals such as dolphins and porpoises

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