A-HSU™ at Nireus, Greece
A-HSU™ at Nireus, Greece

What it is and how it works

The A-HSU® is an innovative, high-performance fish stunner perfect for harvesting bass and bream. It features a stun tube under the boat deck, keeping valuable deck space clear for harvest tubs.

The fish are directly pumped from the sea into the stunner tube through a centrifugal pump. Electrodes embedded into the interior of the stunner pass an electrical current through the water and the fish. The electrical contact between the fish and water ensures that all fish, regardless of size, are stunned reliably and without pre-stun shocks. The tube then rises high above the deck to allow a chute to direct fish into the correct ice-filled tub.

Key features

The A-HSU® creates a calm harvesting environment and improves slaughter welfare without compromising quality or harvest rates.


100% stun rate


Reduced handling and low stress


Ability to accommodate various fish delivery systems


Automated system with touch screen controls & remote monitoring


Welfare benefits

  • Effective and humane, without pre-stun shocks 
  • Stuns fish fully unconscious in less than one second
  • Reduced handling and low stress 
  • Long pre-rigor times, less bruising and skin damage

Sustainability factors

  • Safer and calmer production line for processing workers
  • Low environmental footprint
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection protocol
  • Robust and durable construction for a long lifespan
Anders Lejbach, Musholm

"Our productivity has increased by 20-25%. The staff are very happy with the machine and can never go back to the old system."

Anders Lejbach, Musholm

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The Bass and Bream Boat-Mounted A-HSU® fact sheet provides additional details about the system.

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