A-HSU® at Regal Springs, Mexico
A-HSU® at Regal Springs, Mexico
A-HSU® at Regal Springs, Mexico
A-HSU® at Regal Springs, Mexico

What it is and how it works

Tilapias are an important, portion-sized white fish variety widely cultured globally. They are hypoxia resistant and challenging to stun because of the large fatty areas in their heads that protects the brain.

The A-HSU® flexible electronics system ensures that tilapias are stunned in less than one second as they flow through the stun tube. The electric field in the tube means the fish lose consciousness immediately, without distress or suffering, facilitating a calm and safe harvesting process.

The A-HSU® is suitable to use at the lake or pond side, on a farm boat or barge, and inside or outside dedicated slaughter facilities.

Key features

A-HSU® stuns tilapia quickly and efficiently, meeting the high welfare standards expected by consumers, retailers & regulators.


100% stun rate


Reduced handling and low stress


Can accommodate various fish delivery systems


Automated system with touch screen controls & remote monitoring


Welfare benefits

  • Effective and humane, without pre-stun shocks 
  • Stuns fish fully unconscious in less than one second
  • Reduced handling and low stress 
  • Long pre-rigor times, less bruising and skin damage

Sustainability factors

  • Safer and calmer production line for processing workers 
  • Low environmental footprint
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection protocol
  • Robust and durable construction for a long lifespan
Emily McGregor, Sustainability Manager, Regal Springs

“This in-water stunner is a huge step forward from thermal stunning to a more humane and controlled stunning process, and with this towards better fish welfare. As a side effect, process and quality parameters improved: reduced bruising, better quality of the fillets, and better working conditions for staff. This supported Regal Spring’s decision to move from pilot trials to immediate uptake of the equipment, and proliferation across our business.”

Emily McGregor, Sustainability Manager, Regal Springs

Get more information

Read our case study to learn why Regal Springs chose our ‘gamechanger’ stunner technology to improves global welfare standards for tilapia. The Tilapia A-HSU® fact sheet provides additional details about the system.

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