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In-water electric stunning profiled on BBC’s Countryfile

21 September 2022

In-water electric stunning profiled on BBC’s Countryfile


Selcoth Fisheries produce rainbow trout in the Scottish borders. They needed to humanely stun up to 15 tonnes of portion rainbow trout per hour in fresh water.

This was part of a wider desire to improve the quality of their fish, and an essential requirement was zero blood spotting and spine damage.


We designed an in-line, square tube pipeline stunner (A-HSU™) that would work with their existing fresh water supply. The stun settings were calibrated for their exact species and environment to protect against spine damage or blood spotting.

The system was also designed with remote monitoring and diagnostics included as we knew the Selcoth team would want to keep a close eye on system performance during busy periods.


The end result was a harvest process that produced superior quality portion trout. The automated remote monitoring and data tracking also made their harvest process fully audit compliant.

The excellent welfare standards achieved for their fish also led to the Selcoth team and our electric stunner being featured on BBC One’s Countryfile tv show. The episode focused on farmers embracing new technologies to increase the welfare standards of their operation.