A-HSU® at Selcoth, UK
A-HSU® at Selcoth, UK
A-HSU® at Selcoth, UK
A-HSU® at Selcoth, UK
A-HSU® at Musholm, Denmark
A-HSU® at Musholm, Denmark

What it is and how it works

The A-HSU® works by stunning the fish in water with electricity while they flow smoothly through the stun tube. The electric field in the tube makes the fish lose consciousness immediately, without any movement, struggle, or suffering.

The A-HSU® is suitable for use at the side of a lake or pond, on a farm boat or barge, and inside or outside dedicated slaughter facilities. It can be remotely adjusted for optimal results, and you can check the operational data at any time.

Key features

The A-HSU® for freshwater trout creates a calm harvesting environment, improving welfare at slaughter and processing rates at harvesting.


Suitable for salt and freshwater fish


100% stun rate


Can accommodate various fish delivery systems


Automated system with touch screen controls & remote monitoring


Welfare benefits

  • Effective and humane, without pre-stun shocks 
  • Stuns fish fully unconscious in less than one second
  • Less bruising, blood-spotting and skin damage
  • Reduced handling and low stress

Sustainability factors

  • Reduced harvesting pressure
  • Safer and calmer production line for processing workers 
  • Low environmental footprint
  • Robust and durable construction for a long lifespan
Oliver Routledge, Owner, Selcoth Fisheries Ltd

“We chose the Ace Aquatec Stunner because it was an in-line system where fish can stay in the water so there’s very little stress. It’s helped us humanely harvest fish in a safe and productive way. Blood spotting has also diminished to sub 1% which is pretty incredible.” 

Oliver Routledge, Owner, Selcoth Fisheries Ltd

Get more information

Read our case study to learn how electric stunning helped Selcoth Fisheries improve quality and welfare. The Trout Fresh Water Humane Stunner Universal (A-HSU®) fact sheet provides additional details about the system.

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