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Sævareid Fiskeanlegg signs stunning deal with Ace Aquatec

14 June 2022

Sævareid Fiskeanlegg signs stunning deal with Ace Aquatec

The Norwegian smolt farmers Sævareid Fiskeanlegg have signed its first in-water smolt stunner agreement with aquaculture technology specialists Ace Aquatec, following successful trials piloted last year.

As one of the biggest, independent smolt producers in Norway, Sævareid Fiskeanlegg was looking for a solution that enabled them to cull their fish more efficiently and in an ethically sustainable way. The contract will involve a two-year rental on Ace Aquatec’s smaller and more portable stunner, the smolt stunner. This version of stunning technology ensures all the fish are culled and not simply stunned, as happens with larger fish.

The latest deal enables Sævareid Fiskeanlegg to take their culled smolt straight to pet food producers by eliminating the use of chemical anaesthesia, which would render them unsuitable for consumption. With the ability to process up to one tonne of smolts per hour, Ace Aquatec’s technology will help streamline Sævareid Fiskeanlegg’s culling process and enable a higher-value use case for the smolt which are sorted out of production

Sævareid Fiskeanlegg CEO Gustav Folkestad said: “By incorporating Ace Aquatec’s smolt stunner into our day-to-day operations it has allowed our staff to run a more efficient and faster production line. Introducing this type of technology opens the door for us to provide higher value on what could be seen as a costly by-product. We’re now looking forward to continuing working with Ace through this agreement.”

Ace Aquatec’s Northern Europe Regional Manager Preben Imset Matre, who oversaw the process to deal added: “Following successful trials and ongoing consultation, we’re delighted to have reached an agreement with Sævareid Fiskeanlegg. Together we were able to demonstrate that the smolt stunner is a great way of turning cost into profit while also allowing you to process the fish more efficiently. The good dialogue with Sævareid Fiskeanlegg during the pilot has been very valuable, and has helped shape the product into what it is today.”