What it is and how it works

The portable A-HSU® for Prawns uses our award-winning Humane Stunner Universal (A-HSU®) technology to stun the prawns unconsciousness in less than one second.

Prawns pumped or brailed into the entrance chute, where they flow directly into the water of the stun tube. The electric field in the stun tube ensures that the fish lose consciousness immediately.

The water is pumped at a rate for transporting the prawns to the final dewatering grid over a period of about 40 seconds. They then fall into a harvest tub while an integrated water pump recirculates the water. Ice can be used in the harvest tub to preserve the prawns.

Key features

The portable A-HSU® for prawns is a self-contained, easily transportable unit. It’s designed to withstand robust biosecurity measures and protocols, reducing the risk of disease transmission.


Portable —suitable for indoor and outdoor use


2 tonnes per hour capacity


Reduced handling and low stress


Automated system with touch screen controls

Welfare benefits

  • Effective and humane, without pre-stun shocks
  • Stuns prawns fully unconscious in less than one second, then culls within 40 seconds
  • Reduced handling and low stress
  • Improved supply chain efficacy

Sustainability factors

  • Low environmental footprint and reduced wastage
  • Simple cleaning and disinfection protocol
  • Minimal maintenance
Jarl Van Den Berg M.Sc, General manager HG Salmon UK, Hendrix Genetics

“This is the best solution in the market in terms of animal welfare standards and environmental impact. Their chemical free, in-water electric stunner has transformed our processing, reduced wastage, and improved our environmental footprint by stopping our fish going to landfill.”

Jarl Van Den Berg M.Sc, General manager HG Salmon UK, Hendrix Genetics

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The portable A-HSU® for Prawns fact sheet provides additional details about the system.

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